Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 1 Full Video


Downton Abbey :February 1922. Mary nurses baby George and mourns Matthew. Violet finds a new cause to champion, while Robert and Branson dispute the management of the estate and struggle to pay death duties. The servants are excited by Valentine’s Day, and Mrs. Patmore struggles to deal with an electric whisk.

Downton AbbeyDownton Abbey
Season 4, Episode 1
Time : 4:00 PM
Date : 22-9-2013
Network : ITV1 (UK)

Downton Abbey 4X1 : Beginning in the years leading up to World War I, the drama centers on the Crawley family and their servants. “The sun is rising behind Downton Abbey, a great and splendid house in a great and splendid park. So secure does it appear, that it seems as if the way of life it represents will last for another thousand years. It won’t”. In season 2, the lives of the Crawley family and the servants who work for them has been changed forever, since the Great War was declared at the end of the last season.

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